What's a downloadable book (E-book)?

A downloadable book (E-book) is a pdf file that you download to your computer.

Once you have downloaded the E-book it lives on your computer and you can open it and read it or print it any time you like.

E-books are now very common and have become more popular than printed books.

An E-book has the following advantages...


  • You receive the E-book instantly, as soon as you pay. There is no waiting time.

  • When connected to the internet you can make use of any web site links within it. That's much easier than typing long addresses into your computer every time someone gives you a web reference.

  • They are less expensive because you save on handling, packaging and shipping charges.

  • E-books can be updated more quickly, so you'll always get up to date information.


Lower price, instant delivery, up to date information.
That's hard to beat!


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