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Solo Build It! and me. A powerful combination.
Let me show you how it can help YOU succeed too

 By Martin Hughes
 Owner and Editor

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What's The Best ______?

These are the three words which precede almost every question I'm ever asked about table tennis equipment.

What's the best racket?
What's the best table?
What's the best ball?
What's the best robot?

Everyone wants "the best".

And I'm no different.

When I'm researching a product or service, I want "the best" too.

That's why I use SBI! to build my web site and online business. Because I believe it's "the best".


So if you're researching SBI! (also known as SiteSell, Site Build It! and Solo Build It!) and looking for a review from someone who uses it every day, let me explain why I think it's "the best" for building a web site and an online business, and then you can decide whether it's right for you too.

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How it all started for me

An example of a match results booklet I published in 1995

I've been playing, organising and writing about table tennis since 1971, and during the 1980s and 1990s I prepared, collated and published all the match results for my local table tennis league - and sent them out in the mail.

But regular mail was slow, cumbersome and expensive.

So when the internet became the new "thing" in the 1990s, I realised it was just what I needed.

If I could learn how to build a simple web site, I could publish all the results online.

That would make it so much easier for me - and everyone would get the results much faster too.

It would be a WIN-WIN for everyone.

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My online adventure

Microsoft FrontPage
My first web siteMy first web site

Around 1997 I started to research how to use the internet and how to build a web site ... and in 1999 I built my first basic web site using Microsoft FrontPage.

In no time at all, it became really popular with our local table tennis players and even appeared at the top of the Google search results.

That gave me the motivation to continue learning even more about the internet and building web sites.

And it was during this research (around 2003) that I first came across a recommendation for SBI!.

My initial response was... "I don't need that. I know how to build a web site. Why pay for something I can do for free?".

(It took me three years to realise my initial response was wrong).

However, as I started following a few online "gurus" during 2003-2006, and reading more extensively, I became aware that SBI! was constantly being recommended by many different people.

So I decided to take another look.

And that's when my life changed.

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Solo Build It! and me

Solo Build It!

I signed up with SBI! in December 2006 and spent the end-of-year holiday period devouring the Action Guide.

It was brilliant.

"I should have signed up in 2003" I thought to myself.

It mirrored my own principles about building web sites and online businesses, but also gave me new ideas and new perspectives.


Keep It Real

What struck the biggest chord with me was the repeated insistence that we must ALWAYS "keep it real" and not use any tricks or underhand techniques.

That's something I agreed with 100%.

It's also common sense when you think about it.

Whenever I search for something on the internet, I want the Search Engines (Google, Bing etc) to lead me to "the best" web sites about that subject.

I don't want to be conned or directed to "junk" or "fake" information. I only want "the best".

I'm sure you're the same.

And that's the essence of Solo Build It!

Be genuine. Be the best. That's a WIN-WIN for everybody.

The bottom line is...

Create a web site about a subject (niche) you know well, and Solo Build It! will help you succeed.


A New Start

It was at this point I decided to write about table tennis for a much bigger audience, rather than just for local players.

That meant starting a completely new web site.

So I took the decision to go for it ... but only in my spare time at first.

And that's how came into existence using SBI!.

I've been using SBI! continuously ever since.


SBI! Lived Up To Its Promises

My web site has top rankings in Google search

My first web pages were written in May 2007 and I soon started receiving visitors via the Search Engines (Google, Bing etc).

Slowly at first. 10 a day, then 20, then 50, then 100, but gradually increasing every month.

Within 2 years my visitor numbers had increased to over 500 a day and I started making an income from my site. Just like SBI! said I would.

So in 2009 I took a leap of faith.

I gave up my regular job (33 years in Local Government) to do what I really wanted to do - write about table tennis and be in control of how I spent my time every day.

And now, with more than 500 pages, my web site gets in excess of 3,000 visitors every day and I make my full-time income from it.

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A review of Solo Build It! in more detail

Solo Build It!

SiteSell (the company), have been around since 1997.

That's a lifetime in the internet age.

It's a privately held Canadian-based company founded by Ken Evoy and he's still the driving force of the business and very active in the Forums.

They've recently rebranded SBI!, changing it from "Site Build It!" to "Solo Build It!" because the new name better reflects the reality that their system is a "business builder" rather than just a "site builder".

Solo Build It! enables solo entrepreneurs (the little guys / mom and pop businesses) to succeed online.


It's All About C T P M

SiteSell have developed a unique "system" that anyone can follow. (And it's proved to be so successful that some competitors have tried to copy it).

At the heart of their "system" is a very simple, proven and reproducible business-building process.

They refer to it as C arrow T arrow P arrow M...

Solo Build It! CTPM

Your Content (web site pages, Facebook updates, newsletters, tweets, Pinterest board descriptions, podcasts, videos and more) that creates your overall Web presence...

  • attracts free targeted Traffic through a variety of sources (such as search engines, social media etc.) from a variety of devices (PCs, tablets, and smartphones). These are targeted visitors who...

  • become warmed up and PREsold about you and your business, and who then...

  • generate income for you through a range of Monetization models (buying your products or services, paying for a membership subscription, clicking on your adverts and affiliate links, generating finder's fees for you etc.)

Whatever your "niche", the SBI! "system" enables solo entrepreneurs (the little guys / mom and pop businesses) to succeed online.

Solo Build It!

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Solo Build It! Action Guide

Solo Build It! Action Guide

When you join SBI! the first task is to study the Solo Build It! Action Guide.

You can choose either the written guide or the video guide, but it's essential that you study this and understand the SBI! "system".


Comprehensive Documentation

It's worth saying at this stage that the SBI! documentation is VERY COMPREHENSIVE.

It may even appear overwhelming at the start, but everything is broken down into simple steps and is very "doable" for anyone working alone.

The Solo Build It! Action Guide is broken down into 10 "days" (stepping stones) which you need to work through.


Never forget reality.

Building an online business is never "Easy" or "Free" and requires you to invest your time if you want to succeed.

Don't be fooled by others who say you can just build a free web site and then watch the money come rolling in.

Or that a stunning looking web site equals success.

It doesn't happen like that.

You need to follow these stepping stones if you want to have a successful business.


Unless you're prepared to invest your time studying the Action Guide and implementing it's recommendations, Solo Build It! is not for you.

You'll need to invest a minimum of 1-2 years to get the most benefit.

So if you're looking for something that's "quick and easy", Solo Build It! isn't for you.

However, if you're prepared to "keep going", then you'll be rewarded more than ever.

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10 "Days"

The Action Guide explains right at the start that a "day" is not a 24 hour day.

A "day" in the Action Guide is however long it takes for you to complete it.

Some "days" may take a week or even a month, whilst "day" 1 will take just an hour or two.


A Quick Summary of Each "Day"

The list below outlines what you'll do to prepare for, research and build your online business according to the C arrow T arrow P arrow M principles...

  1. Learn some business basics before you begin. This information will prepare you for everything you do to create a profitable business.

  2. Find the perfect niche (topic) for your business. You'll do this by researching and evaluating up to 3 ideas, then picking the niche that has the best set of keywords and meets other success factors.

  3. Build your "Site Content Blueprint," an outline of what you will write about and how all the pages fit together to present your valuable information to site visitors.

  4. Evaluate the monetization potential of the niche you selected. This evaluation includes how many different monetization options you can use, and gives you a sense of how much money your business can earn.

  5. Ensure that your site's "personality" suits your target audience. Pick and register a domain name for your site. Your domain name will become part of your "brand," so it's important to find a particularly sharp name, one that is not only available as a domain name but also as a name for the major social channels. Register them all right away.

  6. After you have published 10 content pages, add a new dimension to your presence — social media. Adding sharing buttons to your site enables visitors to engage with you through "passive social" media. Continue to grow your business with more published content, and learn about links.

    Once you have passive social set up, and more content on your site, determine which of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. fit best with your niche and audience. This is a longer-term, "active social" media project that grows your reputation ("PREselling").

  7. After you have published 10 content pages, attract and increase traffic to your site through the search engines and other sources.

  8. Begin developing and nurturing relationships with your visitors. You'll do this naturally, as part of the "sharing economy" that connects people, ideas and products/services.

  9. Begin examining the data that tells you who your visitors are. It's important to know who they are (male/female, location, age, etc.) so that you can target your content and your monetization options more closely to their needs and desires.

  10. Start offering your first monetization option.


A Clear Step-by-Step Process

The Action Guide walks you through each step of this process.

Thousands of everyday folk have used this Action Guide and built successful businesses. This process works. You just need to follow the Action Guide step by step.

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Is Solo Build It! Right For YOU?

Is Solo Build It! Right For YOU?Is SBI! right for you?

Solo Build It! is a proven, step-by-step process that's worked for thousands of "everyday folk" like you and me.

It enables the "little guy" to succeed on the internet.

But it's NOT "easy" and it's not "free".

Building an online business is never "easy" or "free" and it requires you to invest your time if you want to succeed.

Don't be fooled by others who say you can just build a free web site and then watch the money come rolling in. Or that a stunning looking web site equals success.

It doesn't happen like that.

But when you follow the Solo Build It! stepping stones you're much more likely to succeed.

Solo entrepreneurs (the little guys / mom and pop businesses) succeed at much higher rates with Solo Build It! than they do with WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Wealthy Affiliate, Yola etc.

No other company provides proof of success like SBI!

You can see the proof for yourself at


It Works For Me

Martin - author of

I've been using SBI! continuously since 2006 and I've experienced it working successfully for me and hundreds of others.

The annual subscription is $329.99 and it's fantastic value.

The information they provide about what you NEED to know, and what you can ignore, is the single most valuable part of my subscription.

SBI! takes care of it's customers - which means I can focus on what I really want to do, write about table tennis.

I heartily recommend it, but only YOU can decide if it's right for YOU.


So Is It Right For You?

If you want something that's "Quick & Easy" then Solo Build It! isn't for you.

But if you're prepared to invest your time and energy, then there's no reason why it wouldn't work for you too.

Warning Alert



In many areas of life there are charlatans and fraudsters.

And this is becoming more and more prevalent on the internet.

Fake "reviews" are now such a big problem online that consumer protection groups and governments are starting to take action.

People with ulterior motives produce fake "reviews" of products and services in order to produce financial gains for themselves or denigrate their competitors.

So whilst doing your research into SBI! you may encounter fake "reviews" by people who are paid to trick you into believing that the product they recommend is superior.

Those "reviews" use all kinds of devious methods to try and trick you into believing that they're genuine, but they can never provide verifiable proof that their recommendation is superior.

They're misleading consumers solely for their own ends.

So I would urge you to beware of fake "reviews" whilst doing your own research.


Before You Decide - Take A Look At This BIG Study

SBI! has carried out a BIG head-to-head study to test claims made within some fake "reviews" which state that another product is superior to SBI!.

The results are conclusive and irrefutable. And they even show you how to do the exact same study to check it for yourself.

On average, SBI! had 33 times more sites in the top category than the other product.

The other product only "beat" SBI! in the failure category (and by a large margin).

I urge you to read the study now.

Part 1 of 3 of the BIG Study is here.

BIG study proves Solo Build It! success ratesBIG study proves Solo Build It! success rates


You can also contact SiteSell directly with any questions you have.

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Ask Me About SBI!

Ask Martin about Solo Build It!

As I said earlier, I heartily recommend Solo Build It!, but only YOU can decide if it's right for YOU.

If you still have unanswered questions about using Solo Build It!, just contact me and I'll try to answer them.



Martin Hughes

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