Table Tennis Books

If you want to improve your table tennis skills, then these downloadable table tennis books are essential reading

 By Martin Hughes
 Owner and Editor

Table Tennis Books will improve your game

Playing table tennis for fun is easy ... but if you want to play table tennis at a higher standard then you'll need to improve your knowledge of the game.

Yes, knowledge is the key if you want to take your game to the next level.

If you know the techniques, tactics and strategies that the top players use, then you can easily elevate your game to a higher level...even without doing any extra practising!

The top players use this knowledge instinctively, having learnt it at an early age. But if you've never had any personal table tennis coaching, or if you only started playing when you were older, then you're missing out.

So I've written a selection of downloadable table tennis books that'll give you the missing knowledge that you need.

The Real Secret To Choosing Your Table Tennis Racket

Ebook - The Real Secret to Choosing Your Table Tennis Racket

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Buying a table tennis racket can be a daunting task.

How do you know which one you should buy - and which ones you should avoid?

How can you ensure that you make the right choice?

Well, in this downloadable E-book you'll discover the real secret to choosing the perfect racket for you.

Don't buy any racket until you've read it.

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Table Tennis Service Secrets

Table Tennis Book - Service Secrets

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The service and return of service are the two most important strokes in table tennis and are responsible for 30% of the points won in top level table tennis matches.

The service follow-up shot then accounts for another 26% of the points won in top level matches.

So, if you want to win more matches, it's important that you understand these two aspects of the game and use them to your best advantage.

This downloadable E-book will give you all the essential information.

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Turbo-charge Your Doubles Play

Table Tennis Book - Turbo-charge your doubles play

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Whether you play lots of doubles matches, or just a few, you're probably not playing to your full potential.

And if you've never had any formal coaching for doubles play, then you're sure to be missing out on some vital strategies and tactics that will help you win more matches.

Discover 10 top tactics and strategies that will turbo-charge your doubles play with this downloadable E-book.

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The Rules and Regulations Explained

Table Tennis Rules and Regulations Explained

Table Tennis Book - More Info

How well do you know the rules and regulations of table tennis and ping pong?

Well now there's a fast and easy way for you to master them.

This downloadable E-book provides you with all the essential information you need.

It's much more than just a book containing the rules. It's also a unique guide to the reasons behind the rules and regulations. And that means you'll understand them much faster and easier.

It's the only table tennis rules book you'll ever need!

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