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Rules and Regulations

Basic Rules (Laws)

Regulations (for higher level play)


FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions ... and Answers

Rackets & Rubbers FAQ

Service Rules FAQ

  • Where to serve
    When you are serving, do you have to send the ball in between your opponent's corners of the table?

  • Stamping
    I thought that there was a rule about not stamping when serving?

  • Serving at game point
    When you have game point, is it automatically your opponent's serve or can you win a game by serving?

  • Ball bounces twice
    Who would win the point if the ball bounces once on my court and two times on my opponent's court?

  • Serve hitting lines or edges
    What happens when the ball hits the outside edge of white line or the edge of the table?

  • Ball hits the net when serving
    How many times can you re-take the serve when the ball hits the net and bounces on my opponent's side of the table?

  • Ball spinning back over the net
    Who wins the point when the ball spins back over the net without the other player touching it?

  • Return of service position
    Can your opponent who is returning your serve have any part of his body over the white line or edge of the table?

During a rally FAQ

Match Conduct FAQ

Competition Rules FAQ

  • Group Matches
    If, in a group match, the losing player withdraws from the competition, does the winning player forfeit that game?

  • Group Rankings
    How do you calculate the group rankings in a competition?


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How To Choose Table Tennis Equipment

Information, tips and recommendations about TT equipment.

Table Tennis Rackets (paddles / bats)

Table Tennis Tables

Table Tennis Nets

Table Tennis Balls

Table Tennis Shoes

Table Tennis Robots

Table Tennis Manufacturers


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How To Play Table Tennis


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Table Tennis Clubs


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Table Tennis Players


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Major Table Tennis Tournaments

Learn more about professional table tennis tournaments.

Olympic Games

2024 Olympic Games - Paris, France

2020 Olympic Games - Tokyo, Japan

2016 Olympic Games - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2012 Olympic Games - London, England

2008 Olympic Games - Beijing, China

2004 Olympic Games - Athens, Greece


World Championships

2024 World Team Championships - Chengdu, China

2023 World Championships - Durban, South Africa

2022 World Team Championships - Chengdu, China

2021 World Championships - Houston, USA

2020 World Team Championships - Busan, South Korea

2019 World Championships - Budapest, Hungary

2018 World Team Championships - Halmstad, Sweden

2017 World Championships - Dusseldorf, Germany

2016 World Team Championships - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2015 World Championships - Suzhou, China

2014 World Team Championships - Tokyo, Japan

2013 World Championships - Paris, France

2012 World Team Championships - Dortmund, Germany

2011 World Championships - Rotterdam, Netherlands

2010 World Team Championships - Moscow, Russia

2009 World Championships - Yokohama, Japan


ITTF World Tour

All about the ITTF World Tour


World Cup


World Rankings


European Championships

2022 European Championships - Munich, Germany

2020/21 European Championships - Warsaw, Poland

2019 European Championships - Nantes, France

2018 European Championships - Alicante, Spain

2017 European Championships - Luxembourg, Luxembourg

2016 European Championships - Budapest, Hungary

2015 European Championships - Ekaterinburg, Russia

2014 European Championships - Lisbon, Portugal

2013 European Championships - Schwechat, Austria

2012 European Championships - Herning, Denmark

2011 European Championships - Gdansk-Sopot, Poland

2010 European Championships - Ostrava, Czech Republic

2009 European Championships - Stuttgart, Germany

2008 European Championships - St. Petersburg, Russia


Commonwealth Games


Table Tennis Events Calendars


Table Tennis Officials


Running your own tournaments


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History of Table Tennis


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Ask Me...


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Table Tennis Interviews

Interviews with top table tennis players and manufacturers/suppliers.


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Table Tennis Magazines


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Fun Stuff


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