Got questions about the Rules?

 By Martin Hughes
 Owner and Editor

The Rules and Regulations Explained

Have you got questions about the Rules of table tennis?

Would you like them all answered CLEARLY and SIMPLY - by an expert?

Well now you can.

And best of all, you could be getting those answers within the next five minutes.

When you've downloaded this E-book it'll be like having your own expert sitting right next to you, giving you all the answers.

But it's much more than just a book containing the rules. It's also a unique guide to the reasons behind the rules and regulations. And that means it's the fastest and easiest way for you to master them.

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What's in this E-Book

First, you'll get an overview including...

The Rules and Regulations Explained
  • The difference between table tennis and ping pong
  • IMPORTANT! What you MUST know about the difference between the Rules and the Regulations
  • Whether amateurs and professionals use the same rules, and...
  • The basic rules - Great for beginners

Then you'll find CLEAR and SIMPLE comprehensive explanations of each Rule, together with loads of detailed information about the reasons behind them, why they're required and why they were changed, including...

  • White lines, nets and edges: are they in or out
  • VITAL! The Racket: what's allowed and what isn't
  • The service rules: vital information you must know
  • What constitutes a good return: including - can you use your hand to play a shot?
  • Everything you need to know about the doubles rules
  • Can you volley the ball? What do the rules say?
  • How long can a game last? What's the Expedite rule?

Followed by CLEAR and SIMPLE comprehensive explanations about the Regulations covering...

  • VITAL! The Racket: what's allowed and what isn't
  • Time limits and time wasting
  • Yellow and Red cards: When are they used?
  • Official room sizes, as well as lighting, flooring, wall colours and temperature

And that's not all...


You'll also get the following free bonuses...


25 Most Frequently Asked Questions

If you've got a question about the rules, it's probably been asked before.

Get all the answers to the questions I've been asked most often.

And if your question isn't answered in this downloadable E-book, just ask me and I'll answer it for you.


A full and comprehensive glossary of table tennis terms

Never get caught out not knowing your table tennis terminology. Discover what twiddling, loaded and reverse rubbers mean. And there's loads more too.


The full, up-to-date, Laws of Table Tennis

Want to know the full, official wording of every rule. Well here they are. The very latest set of rules.


A list of GREAT table tennis videos on YouTube

Watch the best players in the world play this great sport.

Over the years I've kept a list of the BEST games seen on YouTube, and now you can watch them too.

They include important matches in big tournaments - like the World Championships and European Championships, as well as videos of some fantastic rallies; some brilliant matches of attack against defence; and players in training.

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Completely up-to-date

The rules and regulations are reviewed and amended (where necessary) every year, so it's very important that you get the most up-to-date information.

This unique guide is completely up-to-date and 100% reliable, so you can be confident that you're getting the correct information.

Remember, not all the information on the internet is reliable. I know because I've seen it. Some of it is out-of-date and some of it is completely wrong.

So with this fully up-to-date E-book in your hands you can just concentrate on mastering the rules and regulations in the fastest possible time, safe in the knowledge that you have the correct information.

It contains everything you need to know about the rules and regulations of table tennis and it's all explained SIMPLY and CLEARLY.

I've been involved with table tennis for over 50 years as a player and administrator, and in that time I've answered hundreds of questions about the rules and regulations of table tennis.

So I know the questions you want the answers to!

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Even though the information in my E-book is worth MUCH, MUCH more than the amount it will cost you today, you may still be wondering if it will help YOU.

Well, I'm so confident that this E-book will help you that I'm also giving you a no quibble 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

That's right.

Grab a copy of my E-book today and if you don't learn something new and useful, I'll give you your money back.


So there really is no reason for you to delay any further.

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If you want to improve your knowledge of the rules and regulations, here's what you need to do...

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Download Your Copy Now

This is a 94 page downloadable E-book. It's not available as a traditional printed book.

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