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ITTF Pro Tour 2010

The ITTF Pro Tour. World table tennis at its best.
Here's what happened in 2010.

 By Martin Hughes
 Owner and Editor

ITTF Pro Tour winner 2010 - Jun Mizutani by courtesy of the ITTF

The 2010 ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals took place in Seoul, South Korea from 16-19 December 2010 and you'll find all the results below.

13 international tournaments made up the 2010 Pro Tour which culminated with the Grand Finals in December.

This was the 15th year of the Pro Tour following the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) initiating it in 1996, and it continued to attract the best players in the world.

You can read all about how the ITTF Pro Tour started, here.

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The 2010 Pro-Tour Schedule

The 2010 ITTF Pro-Tour consisted of 13 international tournaments leading up to the Grand Finals held in Seoul, South Korea.

Although the ITTF Pro-Tour consists of men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles and women's doubles, I'll be concentrating on the main event ... the men's singles.

So what were the tournaments which made up the ITTF Pro Tour in 2010? And who won the Men's Singles?


DATES Pro Tour Events 2010 MS WINNERS
19-23 Jan Slovenian Open (Velenje) LEE Sang Su (South Korea)
17-21 Feb Qatar Open (Doha) Wang Liqin (China)
23-27 Feb Kuwait Open (Kuwait City) Xu Xin (China)
18-21 Mar German Open (Berlin) Ma Long (China)
16-20 June Indian Open (New Delhi) Dimitrij Ovtcharov (Germany)
1-4 July Japan Open (Kobe) Timo Boll (Germany)
7-11 July Egypt Open (Cairo) Sharath Kamal Achanta (India)
22-26 July Morocco Open (Rabat) Vladimir Samsonov (Belarus)
11-15 Aug Korean Open (Incheon City) Vladimir Samsonov (Belarus)
18-22 Aug China Open (Suzhou) Zhang Jike (China)
13-17 Oct Hungarian Open (Harkany) Jun Mizutani (Japan)
20-24 Oct Austrian Open (Wels) Tiago Apolonia (Portugal)
10-14 Nov Polish Open (Warsaw) Vladimir Samsonov (Belarus)

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Prize money

The prize money varied from tournament to tournament, but the overall purse for 2010 was $2,441,800.

The top event, the China Open, offered a total purse of $330,000 ... with the men's and women's singles winners receiving $33,000 each.

The Egypt Open and the Morocco Open offered the least amount of prize money, both with a $20,000 total purse. The men's and women's singles winners received $2,800 each.

The Pro Tour Grand Finals offered a total prize fund of $365,000 ... with the men's and women's singles winners collecting $40,000 each and the men's and women's doubles winners collecting $20,000.

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The Grand Finals

The Grand Finals were held in Seoul, South Korea from 16-19 December 2010 and after all the Pro-Tour events were completed, the players who had accumulated the most points in the men's singles were as follows:

Rank Elig Points Events Continents Player Country
  NE 55300 4 2 ZHANG Jike China
  NE 39150 4 2 XU Xin China
  NE 38250 5 2 BOLL Timo Germany
  NE 36850 3 1 WANG Liqin China
1 34800 3 3 SAMSONOV Vladimir Belarus
  NE 33900 3 2 MA Long China
  NE 33200 3 1 MA Lin China
2 26225 6 2 OVTCHAROV Dimitrij Germany
  NE 21825 5 1 JOO Se Hyuk South Korea
3 20319 7 2 LEE Sang Su South Korea
4 19950 6 2 MIZUTANI Jun Japan
5 19213 8 2 RYU Seung Min South Korea
  NE 19100 4 2 WANG Hao China
  NE 17563 5 2 APOLONIA Tiago Portugal
6 14288 8 2 GAO Ning Singapore
7 12925 7 2 CHUANG Chih-Yuan Chinese Taipei
8 12163 6 2 OH Sang Eun South Korea
9 11232 6 2 LUNDQVIST Jens Sweden
10 10907 8 2 SEO Hyun Deok South Korea
  NE 10494 5 1 LEE Jung Woo South Korea
11 10026 8 2 CHEN Weixing Austria
12 9838 6 2 TANG Peng Hong Kong China
13 9770 8 2 STEGER Bastian Germany
14 8288 6 2 SMIRNOV Alexey Russia
15 8207 6 3 ACHANTA Sharath Kamal India
16 7938 8 2 JUNG Young Sik South Korea

However, although some players had accumulated sufficient Grand Prix points, they didn't meet the additional qualifying criteria of competing in at least six tournaments or playing on at least three continents.

So unfortunately they weren't eligible to take part in the prestigious end of season grand finals.

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2010 ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals

Round One

Winner Result Loser
SAMSONOV Vladimir 4-1 CHEN Weixing
CHUANG Chih-Yuan 4-1 SMIRNOV Alexey
TANG Peng 4-2 OH Sang Eun
MIZUTANI Jun 4-2 JUNG Young Sik
ACHANTA Sharath Kamal 4-3 LEE Sang Su
RYU Seung Min 4-3 LUNDQVIST Jens
GAO Ning 4-3 SEO Hyun Deok
STEGER Bastian 4-3 OVTCHAROV Dimitrij


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Quarter Finals

Winner Result Loser
SAMSONOV Vladimir 4-1 CHUANG Chih-Yuan
RYU Seung Min 4-3 ACHANTA Sharath Kamal
STEGER Bastian 4-2 GAO Ning


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Semi Finals

Winner Result Loser
STEGER Bastian 4-2 RYU Seung Min


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Winner Result Runner-up
11-5, 11-9, 8-11, 11-9, 11-7    



Jun Mizutani - winner of 2010 Pro Tour Grand Final

Jun Mizutani
Winner of the 2010 ITTF Pro-Tour Final



You can read more about the ITTF Pro-Tour here.


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