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The table tennis Men's World Cup 2011 took place in Paris, France from 11 to 13 November.
But who qualified for this prestigious event?

 By Martin Hughes
 Owner and Editor

The World Cup is an invitational event for 19 of the World's top players.

The men and women have separate events, so let's take a look at the 2011 events.


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2011 World Cups

France was the host country for the 2011 LIEBHERR Men's World Cup and it was held in Paris from 11 to 13 November, 2011.

World Cup 2011 logo

The 2011 Volkswagen Women's World Cup was held in Singapore from 28-30 October 2011.

However, I'll only be looking at the men's event here.

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The World Cup

The table tennis World Cup was originally for 16 invited players only, but a new format was introduced in 2009.

The number of players was increased from 16 to 19 ... so for the World Cup 2011, invitations were sent to...

  • the holder of the World Cup
  • the World champion
  • the champion player or the strongest current player from each of the 6 continents
  • 1 Host country player
  • the top 8 players from the World Ranking List and
  • 2 "wild card" selections


The rules state that not more than two players from any Association can participate unless a third is invited as a "wild card" selection.

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Men's World Cup 2011

The following players took part in the Men's World Cup 2011...

WR as at
1 Sept
Player Capacity
1 WANG, Hao (China) World Cup title holder
4 ZHANG, Jike (China) World Champion
3 BOLL, Timo (Germany) European representative
57 KO, Lai Chak (Hong Kong China) Asian representative
117 TSUBOI, Gustavo (Brazil) Latin American representative
132 SALEH, Ahmed Ali (Egypt) African representative
147 HENZELL, William (Australia) Oceania representative
266 PETER-PAUL, Pradeeban (Canada) North American representative
63 LEGOUT, Christophe (France) Host Association
6 MIZUTANI, Jun (Japan) World Ranking 1
8 SAMSONOV, Vladimir (Belarus) World Ranking 2
10 JOO, Se Hyuk (Korea) World Ranking 3
11 CHUANG, Chih-Yuan (Chinese Taipei) World Ranking 4
13 OVTCHAROV, Dimitrij (Germany) World Ranking 5
14 OH, Sang Eun (Korea) World Ranking 6
16 GAO, Ning (Singapore) World Ranking 7
17 KISHIKAWA, Seiya (Japan) World Ranking 8
19 TANG, Peng (Hong Kong China) ITTF wild card 1
25 MATTENET, Adrien (France) ITTF wild card 2
22 SMIRNOV, Alexey (Russia) Reserve player



Gao Ning declined his invitation due to injury and his place was taken by the reserve, Alexey Smirnov.

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The World Cup prize money

The prize money for the men's table tennis World Cup was US$ 150,000

This was divided up as follows:

World Cup
Winner US$ 45,000
Runner-up US$ 25,000
3rd Place US$ 15,000
4th Place US$ 10,000
Places 5-8 US$ 6,000
Places 9-12 US$ 4,000
Places 13-16 US$ 2,000
Intercontinental Cup
IC Cup Winner US$ 2,500
IC Cup 2nd Place US$ 2,000
IC Cup 3rd Place US$ 1,500
IC Cup 4th Place US$ 1,000

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The Intercontinental Cup

The competition started with the "Intercontinental Cup" - a pre-qualification round.

So, four continental representatives - from Africa, Latin America, North America and Oceania - competed in one group, with the winner of the "Intercontinental Cup" qualifing for the next stage of the event, joining the other 15 players.


Intercontinental Cup
TSUBOI, Gustavo (Brazil) 4-0 PETER-PAUL, Pradeeban (Canada)
SALEH, Ahmed Ali (Egypt) 4-3 HENZELL, William (Australia)
HENZELL, William (Australia) 4-3 TSUBOI, Gustavo (Brazil)
SALEH, Ahmed Ali (Egypt) 4-2 PETER-PAUL, Pradeeban (Canada)
TSUBOI, Gustavo (Brazil) 4-1 SALEH, Ahmed Ali (Egypt)
HENZELL, William (Australia) 4-1 PETER-PAUL, Pradeeban (Canada)


Intercontinental Cup
IC Cup Winner TSUBOI, Gustavo (Brazil)
IC Cup 2nd Place HENZELL, William (Australia)
IC Cup 3rd Place SALEH, Ahmed Ali (Egypt)
IC Cup 4th Place PETER-PAUL, Pradeeban (Canada)


The remaining 16 players were then seeded into four groups.

Each player competed against the other three players in his group and matches were the best of seven sets.

The winner and runner-up of each group then advanced to the quarter finals whereupon the competition was a straight knock-out, best of seven sets.

So the World Cup groups were...

Group 1

  • WANG, Hao (China)
  • JOO, Se Hyuk (Korea)
  • TANG, Peng (Hong Kong China)
  • LEGOUT, Christophe (France)

Group 2

  • ZHANG, Jike (China)
  • OVTCHAROV, Dimitrij (Germany)
  • SMIRNOV, Alexey (Russia)
  • TSUBOI, Gustavo (Brazil)

Group 3

  • BOLL, Timo (Germany)
  • OH, Sang Eun (Korea)
  • KISHIKAWA, Seiya (Japan)
  • KO, Lai Chak (Hong Kong China)

Group 4

  • MIZUTANI, Jun (Japan)
  • SAMSONOV, Vladimir (Belarus)
  • CHUAN, Chih-Yuan (Chinese Taipei)
  • MATTENET, Adrien (France)

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Results for World Cup 2011

11/12 November 2011

Group 1

WANG, Hao (China) 4-2 TANG, Peng (Hong Kong China)
JOO, Se Hyuk (Korea) 4-0 LEGOUT, Christophe (France)
WANG, Hao (China) 4-2 JOO, Se Hyuk (Korea)
LEGOUT, Christophe (France) 4-3 TANG, Peng (Hong Kong China)
WANG, Hao (China) 4-0 LEGOUT, Christophe (France)
JOO, Se Hyuk (Korea) 4-1 TANG, Peng (Hong Kong China)
  • Group 1 winner = WANG, Hao (China)

  • Group 1 runner-up = JOO, Se Hyuk (Korea)

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Group 2

ZHANG, Jike (China) 4-2 SMIRNOV, Alexey (Russia)
OVTCHAROV, Dimitrij (Germany) 4-0 TSUBOI, Gustavo (Brazil)
ZHANG, Jike (China) 4-3 OVTCHAROV, Dimitrij (Germany)
TSUBOI, Gustavo (Brazil) 4-1 SMIRNOV, Alexey (Russia)
ZHANG, Jike (China) 4-1 TSUBOI, Gustavo (Brazil)
OVTCHAROV, Dimitrij (Germany) 4-3 SMIRNOV, Alexey (Russia)
  • Group 2 winner = ZHANG, Jike (China)

  • Group 2 runner-up = OVTCHAROV, Dimitrij (Germany)

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Group 3

BOLL, Timo (Germany) 4-0 KISHIKAWA, Seiya (Japan)
KO, Lai Chak (Hong Kong China) 4-3 OH, Sang Eun (Korea)
BOLL, Timo (Germany) 4-2 OH, Sang Eun (Korea)
KISHIKAWA, Seiya (Japan) 4-3 KO, Lai Chak (Hong Kong China)
BOLL, Timo (Germany) 4-1 KO, Lai Chak (Hong Kong China)
OH, Sang Eun (Korea) 4-0 KISHIKAWA, Seiya (Japan)
  • Group 3 winner = BOLL, Timo (Germany)

  • Group 3 runner-up = OH, Sang Eun (Korea)

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Group 4

MIZUTANI, Jun (Japan) 4-3 CHUAN, Chih-Yuan (Chinese Taipei)
MATTENET, Adrien (France) 4-3 SAMSONOV, Vladimir (Belarus)
SAMSONOV, Vladimir (Belarus) 4-1 MIZUTANI, Jun (Japan)
MATTENET, Adrien (France) 4-2 CHUAN, Chih-Yuan (Chinese Taipei)
MIZUTANI, Jun (Japan) 4-0 MATTENET, Adrien (France)
CHUAN, Chih-Yuan (Chinese Taipei) 4-1 SAMSONOV, Vladimir (Belarus)
  • Group 4 winner = MIZUTANI, Jun (Japan)

  • Group 4 runner-up = MATTENET, Adrien (France)

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Knock-out stage

Saturday 12 November 2011

Quarter Finals

WANG, Hao 4-1 OVTCHAROV, Dimitrij
MIZUTANI, Jun 4-3 OH, Sang Eun
JOO, Se Hyuk (Korea) 4-3 BOLL, Timo
ZHANG, Jike 4-0 MATTENET, Adrien (France)

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Sunday 13 November 2011

Semi Finals

ZHANG, Jike 4-0 JOO, Se Hyuk (Korea)

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Sunday 13 November 2011

Bronze Medal match

JOO, Se Hyuk (Korea) 4-0 MIZUTANI, Jun
11-3. 11-4, 11-9, 11-6

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Sunday 13 November 2011


ZHANG, Jike 4-2 WANG, Hao
7-11, 7-11, 11-9,
11-4, 11-5, 11-3

2011 World Cup winner - Zhang Jike

2011 World Cup winner - Zhang Jike

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