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Here's a list of International events in 2020

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The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) controls International table tennis and the various events held around the world.

The ITTF also produce a World Ranking list based on results from International table tennis events.

The biggest table tennis events of 2020 were due to be the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan - originally from 22 July-9 August 2020, but now from 23 July to 8 August 2021 - and the World Championships in Busan, South Korea - originally from 22-29 March 2020, but now 28 February-7 March 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


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Table Tennis Events for 2020

Here are the 2020 table tennis events which count for World Ranking points.

TBD = To be determined / Not yet known


Dates Country City Event
22-26 Jan Portugal Gondomar ITTF World Team Qualification Tournament
28 Jan-2 Feb Germany Magdeburg ITTF World Tour Platinum
German Open

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Dates Country City Event
4-8 Feb Spain Granada ITTF Challenge Spanish Open
7-9 Feb Puerto Rica Guaynabo City ITTF Pan America Cup
8-9 Feb Switzerland Montreux Europe Top 16 Cup
12-16 Feb Portugal Lisbon ITTF Challenge Plus Portugal Open
12-16 Feb Czech Republic Hodonin ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Czech Junior & Cadet Open
18-23 Feb Hungary Budapest ITTF World Tour
Hungarian Open
19-23 Feb Sweden Orebro ITTF Junior Circuit Swedish Junior & Cadet Open
24-26 Feb Tunisia Tunis ITTF-Africa Top 16 Cup
24-27 Feb Jordan Amman Western Asia Olympic Qualification Tournament
27-29 Feb Tunisia Tunis African Singles and Mixed Doubles Olympic Qualification Tournament
28 Feb-1 Mar China Hainan ITTF-ATTU Asian Cup

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Dates Country City Event
3-8 Mar Qatar Doha ITTF World Tour Platinum
Qatar Open
4-8 Mar Croatia Varazdin European U21 Championships
4-8 Mar D.R.of the Congo Kinshasa ITTF Junior Circuit Congo Junior & Cadet Open
7-8 Mar Canada Kitchener North American Singles & Mixed Doubles Olympic Qualification Tournament
10-14 Mar Peru Lima ITTF Junior Circuit Peru Junior & Cadet Open
11-15 Mar Oman Muscat ITTF Challenge Plus Oman Open
11-15 Mar Poland Gliwice ITTF Challenge Polish Open
11-15 Mar Italy Lignano ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Italy Junior & Cadet Open
17-21 Mar Tunisia Tunis ITTF Junior Circuit Tunisia Junior & Cadet Open
22-29 Mar South Korea Busan 2020 Liebherr World Championships

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Dates Country City Event
1-5 Apr Italy Riccione ITTF Challenge Italy Open
1-5 Apr Madagascar Antananarivo ITTF Junior Circuit Madagascar Junior & Cadet Open
2-8 Apr Cuba Havana Caribbean Senior Championships
6-12 Apr Thailand Bangkok Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament
7-13 Apr Madagascar Antananarivo African Youth, Junior & Cadet Championships
8-12 Apr Russia Moscow European Olympic Singles Qualification Tournament
15-19 Apr Argentina Rosario Latin American Singles and Mixed Qualification Tournament
15-19 Apr Belgium Spa ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Belgium Junior & Cadet Open
19-20 Apr Australia Brisbane, Queensland Oceania Singles & Mixed Doubles Qualification Tournament
20-25 Apr Australia Brisbane, Queensland 2020 ITTF-Oceania Junior Championships
21-25 Apr Australia Brisbane, Queensland 2020 ITTF-Oceania Championships
21-26 Apr Japan Kitakyushu ITTF World Tour Platinum
Japan Open
22-26 Apr Slovenia Otocec ITTF Challenge Slovenia Open
22-26 Apr France Metz ITTF Junior Circuit Premium French Junior & Cadet Open
28 Apr-2 May Croatia Zagreb ITTF Challenge Croatia Open
29 Apr-3 May Thailand Bangkok ITTF Challenge Thailand Open
29 Apr-3 May India Noida ITTF Junior Circuit Premium India Junior & Cadet Open


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Dates Country City Event
5-10 May Hong Kong Hong Kong ITTF World Tour
Hong Kong Open
5-10 May Thailand Bangkok ITTF Junior Circuit Golden Thailand Junior & Cadet Open
6-10 May Colombia Cucuta South American Championships
9-11 May Slovenia Lasko ITTF Paralympic World Qualification Tournament
12-17 May China Shenzhen ITTF World Tour Platinum
China Open
12-16 May TBD TBD Central American Championships
13-17 May Spain Platja D'Aro ITTF Junior Circuit Spanish Junior & Cadet Open
27-31 May Poland Wladyslawowo ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Polish Junior & Cadet Open
28-31 May Qatar Doha ITTF World Singles Qualification Tournament
30-31 May Papua New Guinea Port Moresby 2020 ITTF-Oceania Cup

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Dates Country City Event
3-7 Jun Belarus Minsk ITTF Challenge Plus Belarus Open
16-21 Jun South Korea Busan ITTF World Tour
Korea Open
22-27 Jun Argentina Rosario Pan American Junior Championships
23-28 Jun Australia Geelong ITTF World Tour Platinum
Australian Open

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Dates Country City Event
1-5 Jul Jordan Amman ITTF Junior Circuit Jordan Junior & Cadet Open
10-19 Jul Croatia Zagreb Stag European Youth Championships
8-12 Jul Hong Kong China Hong Kong ITTF Junior Circuit Golden Hong Kong Junior & Cadet Open
22 Jul-09 Aug Japan Tokyo Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Table Tennis Dates = 25 Jul-07 Aug

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Dates Country City Event
12-16 Aug El Salvador San Salvador ITTF Junior Circuit El Salvador Junior & Cadet Open
18-22 Aug Nigeria Lagos ITTF Challenge Plus Nigeria Open
19-23 Aug Chinese Taipei Taipei ITTF Junior Circuit Golden Chinese Taipei Junior & Cadet Open
21-24 Aug Canada Markham ITTF Junior Circuit North America Junior & Cadet Open
25-30 Aug Czech Republic Olomouc ITTF World Tour
Czech Open
25-30 Aug Laos Vientiane Asian Junior & Cadet Table Tennis Championships
25 Aug-06 Sep Japan Tokyo Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games
Table Tennis Dates = 26 Aug-04 Sep
26-29 Aug USA Rockford ITTF Junior Circuit North America Junior & Cadet Open

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Dates Country City Event
1-6 Sep Bulgaria Panagyurishte (BUL) ITTF World Tour
Bulgaria Open
1-6 Sep Croatia Varazdin ITTF Junior Circuit Golden Croatia Junior & Cadet Open
9-13 Sep North Korea Pyongyang ITTF Challenge Plus Pyongyang Open
9-12 Sep Indonesia Jakarta ITTF Junior Circuit Indonesia Junior & Cadet Open
9-13 Sep Slovenia Otoec (SLO) ITTF Junior Circuit Slovenia Junior & Cadet Open
15-20 Sep Poland Warsaw (POL) European Individual Championships
15-20 Sep TBD TBD Pan American Championships
16-20 Sep Serbia Zemun ITTF Junior Circuit Serbia Junior & Cadet Open
TBC Cameroon TBD ITTF-Africa Seniors Championships

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Dates Country City Event
8-11 Oct Australia Darwin ITTF Junior Circuit Australian Junior & Cadet Open
9-11 Oct Germany Berlin European Youth Top 10
14-18 Oct Egypt Sharm El Sheikh ITTF Junior Circuit Egypt Junior & Cadet Open
16-18 Oct Germany Dusseldorf ITTF Mens World Cup
21-25 Oct Oman Muscat ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Oman Junior & Cadet Open
23-25 Oct Thailand Bangkok ITTF Womens World Cup
27-31 Oct Belgium De Haan ITTF Challenge Plus Belgium Open
27-31 Oct Qatar Doha ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Qatar Junior & Cadet Open
27-31 Oct Ecuador Cuenca ITTF Junior Circuit Ecuador Junior & Cadet Open
31 Oct-8 Nov Thailand TBD ITTF World Cadet Challenge

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Dates Country City Event
8-10 Nov China Weihai ITTF Womens World Cup
13-15 Nov China Weihai ITTF Mens World Cup
19-22 Nov China Zhengzhou 2020 ITTF Finals
3-8 Nov Sweden Stockholm ITTF World Tour
Swedish Open
4-8 Nov Hungary Szombathely ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Hungarian Junior & Cadet Open
10-15 Nov Austria Linz ITTF World Tour Platinum
Austrian Open
11-15 Nov Slovak Republic Nitra ITTF Junior Circuit Slovak Junior & Cadet Open
18-22 Nov Portugal Guimaraes ITTF Junior Circuit Portugal Junior & Cadet Open
29 Nov- 6 Dec Portugal Guimaraes ITTF World Junior Table Tennis Championships

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Dates Country City Event
1-5 Dec Canada Vancouver ITTF Challenge Plus North American Open
10-13 Dec TBD TBD ITTF World Tour
Grand Finals

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