Olympics Games 2008
Which women's teams qualified?

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Which women's teams qualified for the 2008 Olympic Gamess?
Were all the best players there? Find out here...

 By Martin Hughes
 Owner and Editor

Table Tennis Olympics Venue

The Olympic Games were held in Beijing in the People's Republic of China from 8 to 24 August 2008 and there was some fabulous table tennis played.

Although the opening ceremony took place on 8 August 2008, the table tennis didn't actually start until Wednesday 13 August 2008.

A fabulous new state-of-the-art venue had been built at Peking University specifically for this event - so the players had the best possible conditions in which to play.

It had seating for 8,000 spectators - with 6,000 seats being permanent and 2,000 temporary.

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Were all the best players there?

Unfortunately, because each National Olympic Committee (NOC) could only have a maximum of three men and three women competing, some of the stronger nations like China had several players who, despite being in the top 20 of the World Ranking list, were not at the Olympics.

However, this meant that the rivalry between the various nationalities was more intense, and provided us with some excellent matches to watch.

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How did players qualify?

There was a complicated system of qualification for the Olympic table tennis events, but without getting too bogged down with the full details, here's a brief summary...

Team Events

For the team events, 16 teams qualified for the Olympic Games as follows:

  • 6 Continental teams (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, Oceania)
  • 10 selected teams

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Teams/players who qualified for the Olympic Games 2008

Team Players

Continental teams (6)

Africa (Nigeria) KAFFO Bose
OFFIONG Cecilia Otu
Asia (China) GUO Yue
ZHANG Yining
Europe (Netherlands) LI Jiao
Latin America
(Dominican Republic)
WU Xue
VALDEZ Johenny
North America (USA) GAO Jun
HUANG Crystal Yao Xi
Oceania (Australia) LAY Jian Fang
SANG Stephanie Xu
Selected teams (10)
Singapore WANG Yue Gu
LI Jia Wei
FENG Tianwei
Korea Republic KIM Kyung Ah
PARK Mi Young
Hong Kong LAU Sui Fei
TIE Yana
LIN Ling
Germany WU Jia Duo
Austria LIU Jia
LI Qiangbing
HEINE Veronika
Croatia BOROS Tamara
Poland LI Qian
XU Jie
Spain ZHU Fang
SHEN Yanfei
Romania DODEAN Daniela
SAMARA Elizabeta
NECULA Iulia Georgiana


Olympic Rings

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