2020 Olympic Games
Mens Singles Seedings

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65 players qualified to take part in the 2020 Olympic Games Mens Singles Event and here are the seedings

 By Martin Hughes
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2020 Olympic Games Men's Singles Event Seedings

The seedings have been announced for the 65 players who qualified to take part in the 2020 Olympic Games Men's Singles Event.

The seedings were based on the players positions in the world ranking list issued for June 2021.

The men's singles took place from 24-31 July 2021 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium.

China were the favourites to take the Gold and Silver medals, but can no longer take all three medals as they did in Beijing in 2008 due to a change in the rules which allows only two players per NOC in the singles event.


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Men's Singles Event - Seedings

Seeding Player (Family Name, Given Name) NOC World
1 FAN Zhendong China 1
2 MA, Long China 3
3 HARIMOTO Tomokazu Japan 4
4 CALDERANO Hugo Brazil 6
5 LIN Yun-Ju Chinese Taipei 7
6 FALCK Mattias Sweden 8
7 OVTCHAROV Dimitrij Germany 10
8 BOLL Timo Germany 11
9 JANG Woojin South Korea 12
10 JEOUNG Youngsik South Korea 13
11 PITCHFORD Liam Great Britain 15
12 NIWA Koki Japan 16
13 WONG Chun Ting Hong Kong China 19
14 GAUZY Simon France 20=
15 ARUNA Quadri Nigeria 20=
16 FREITAS Marcos Portugal 24
17 GARDOS Robert Austria 25
18 JORGIC Darko Slovenia 26
19 CHUANG Chih-Yuan Chinese Taipei 28
20 ACHANTA Sharath Kamal India 29
21 JHA Kanak USA 30
22 GROTH Jonathan Denmark 32
23 PUCAR Tomislav Croatia 34
24 WANG Yang Slovak Republic 35
25 TSUBOI Gustavo Brazil 38
26 GNANASEKARAN Sathiyan India 39
27 LEBESSON Emmanuel France 40
28 ASSAR Omar Egypt 41
29 KALLBERG Anton Sweden 43
30 GERASSIMENKO Kirill Kazakhstan 46=
31 SALEH Ahmed Egypt 46=
32 HABESOHN Daniel Austria 48
33 GACINA Andrej Croatia 49
34 SIRUCEK Pavel Czech Republic 51
35 GIONIS Panagiotis Greece 53
36 DRINKHALL Paul Great Britain 55
37 SKACHKOV Kirill ROC (Russia) 56
38 APOLONIA Tiago Portugal 57
39 MAJOROS Bence Hungary 59
40 TOKIC Bojan Slovenia 63
41 JANCARIK Lubomir Czech Republic 67
42 ROBLES Alvaro Spain 69
43 DIAW Ibrahima Senegal 72
44 CIFUENTES Horacio Argentina 75
45 KOU Lei Ukraine 77
46 MINO Alberto Ecuador 78
47 IONESCU Ovidiu Romania 80
48 AFANADOR Brian Puerto Rica 83
49 OMOTAYO Olajide Nigeria 93
50 LAM Siu Hang Hong Kong China 94
51 ALTO Gaston Argentina 98
52 ALAMIAN Nima Iran 123
53 PETO Zsolt Serbia 153
54 HAZIN Jeremy Canada 156
55 KUMAR Nikhil USA 178
56 ALKHADRAWI Ali Saudi Arabia 180
57 CHEW Zhe Yu Clarence Singapore 185
58 HMAM Adam Tunisia 199
59 FANNY Kokou Dodji Togo 215
60 YAN Xin Australia 221
61 BOURIAH Larbi Algeria 248
62 POWELL David Australia 250
63 SHING Yoshua Vanuatu 252
64 LEVAJAC Dimitrije Serbia 383
65 ENKHBAT Lkhagvasuren Mongolia -


The draw for the Mens Singles took place on Wednesday 21 July 2021.

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