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2012 Olympic Games
Womens Singles Seedings

70 players have qualified to take part in the 2012 Olympic Games Womens Singles Event and the seedings have been announced.

 By Martin Hughes
 Owner and Editor

2012 Olympic Games Women's Singles Event Seedings

The seedings have been announced for the 70 players who have qualified to take part in the 2012 Olympic Games Womens Singles Event.

The seedings were based on the players positions in the world ranking list issued for July 2012.

The womens singles took place from 28 July to 1 August 2012 at the Excel Arena which is the largest competition venue at the London 2012 Games.

China were the hot favourites to take the Gold and Silver medals, but can no longer take all three medals as they did in Beijing in 2008 due to a change in the rules which meant that only two players per NOC were allowed in the singles event.

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Women's Singles Event - Seedings

Seeding Player NOC
1 DING Ning China
2 LI Xiaoxia China
3 KIM Kyungah South Korea
4 ISHIKAWA Kasumi Japan
6 FENG Tianwei Singapore
7 TIE Yana Hong Kong China
8 WANG Yuegu Singapore
9 WU Jiaduo Germany
10 SHEN Yanfei Spain
11= JIANG Huajun Hong Kong China
11= LI Jiao Netherlands
13 PAVLOVICH Viktoria Belarus
14 LI Jie Netherlands
15 LI Qian Poland
16 PARK Miyoung South Korea
17 RI Myong Sun North Korea
18 DODEAN Daniela Romania
19 NI Xia Lian Luxembourg
20 HUANG Yi-Hua Chinese Taipei
21 LIU Jia Austria
22 SILBEREISEN Kristin Germany
23 POTA Georgina Hungary
24 SAMARA Elizabeta Romania
25 KIM Jong North Korea
26 PESOTSKA Margaryta Ukraine
27 VACENOVSKA Iveta Czech Republic
28= CHEN Szu-Yu Chinese Taipei
28= TIKHOMIROVA Anna Russia
30 LI Qiangbing Austria
31 PARTYKA Natalia Poland
32 LI Xue France
33 XIAN Yi Fang France
34 SKOV Mie Denmark
35 NOSKOVA Yana Russia
36 RAMIREZ Sara Spain
37 TOTH Krisztina Hungary
38 HADACOVA Dana Czech Republic
39 TAN Wenling Italy
40 KOMWONG Nanthana Thailand
41 HU Melek Turkey
42 PRIVALOVA Aleksandra Belarus
43 MOLNAR Cornelia Croatia
44 TIAN Yuan Croatia
45 BILENKO Tetyana Ukraine
46 HSING Ariel USA
47 PARKER Joanna Great Britain
48 LAY Jian Fang Australia
50 HUANG MENDES Lei Portugal
51 MESHREF Dina Egypt
52 ZHANG Mo Canada
53 HAN Xing Congo Brazzaville
54 KUMAHARA Caroline Brazil
55 MEDINA Paula Colombia
56 MIAO Miao Australia
57 DAS Ankita India
58 SILVA Ligia Brazil
59 SILVA Yadira Mexico
60 RAMOS Fabiola Venezuela
61 HANFFOU Sarah Cameroon
62 EL-DAWLATLY Nadeen Egypt
63 OSHONAIKE Olufunke Nigeria
64 RODRIGUEZ Berta Chile
65 EDEM Offiong Nigeria
67 MOUMJOGHLIAN Tvin Carole Lebanon
68 LULU Anolyn Vanuatu
69 MOHAMED Aia Qatar
70 HASSAN FARAH Yasmin Djibouti


The draw for the Womens Singles took place on Wednesday 25 July 2012.


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