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Table tennis questions

Have you got a table tennis question which is of interest to you AND other visitors to this site?

(Before asking your question, please take a look at the questions below which have already been asked and answered)

Well if you have, you can ask me your question right here.

If I've not covered your question already and it's of interest to others, I'll answer your question and add it to the list below.

Table tennis has been my passion now for over 40 years, so if you can't find what you need to know, right here on my web site, just ask me your table tennis question and I'll do my best to answer it for you.

Questions about the Rules

Rackets & Rubbers

Service Rules

  • Where to serve
    When you are serving, do you have to send the ball in between your opponent's corners of the table?

  • Stamping
    I thought that there was a rule about not stamping when serving?

  • Serving at game point
    When you have game point, is it automatically your opponent's serve or can you win a game by serving?

  • Ball bounces twice
    Who would win the point if the ball bounces once on my court and two times on my opponent's court?

  • Serve hitting lines or edges
    What happens when the ball hits the outside edge of white line or the edge of the table?

  • Ball hits the net when serving
    How many times can you re-take the serve when the ball hits the net and bounces on my opponent's side of the table?

  • Ball spinning back over the net
    Who wins the point when the ball spins back over the net without the other player touching it?

  • Return of service position
    Can your opponent who is returning your serve have any part of his body over the white line or edge of the table?

During a rally

Match Conduct

Competition Rules

  • Group Matches
    If, in a group match, the losing player withdraws from the competition, does the winning player forfeit that game?

  • Group Rankings
    How do you calculate the group rankings in a competition?

Requesting recommendations


  • Rackets
    What type of racket and rubbers would you recommend for me?

  • Rackets
    What type of racket would you recommend for a gift to someone?

  • Tables
    What table tennis tables do you recommend?

  • Tables
    Can I convert an indoor table to an outdoor table?

  • Paint
    I wish to restore my 15 years old professional grade table tennis table. What is the specification of the paint and where can I buy it?

Requesting advice


Match Officials


  • Professional players
    What is the call that professional players make after winning a point? It sounds like "cho" or "choi". Is it Chinese and what does it mean/translate as?

  • Room Height
    I would like to know what would be the minimum height for a home table tennis room.

  • European Champion
    Who was the last English lady to win the title of European Champion?

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