What table tennis equipment should I use?

Submitted by Don
(Tampa, Florida, USA)

Table tennis questions

I'm USATT rated at 1050 but can occasionally beat players rated much higher.

I can hit most of the shots but lack a little consistency (I know that requires practice).

I have an attack paddle with relatively fast rubbers and an allround paddle with slower rubbers.

I can hit all the shots with both, but when playing my best I am a little more consistent (not much) with the slower paddle.

With the faster paddle I blow a lot of balls past my opponents.


1. Should I persevere with the faster one or go to the slower one?

2. What type paddle and rubbers would you recommend for my game?

Thank you

----- Martin's Reply -----

 By Martin Hughes
 Owner and Editor


Thanks for your question.

In my opinion you should use the slower rubbers as this will help your control.

If you've developed an all-round, counter-attacking style of play, a medium speed rubber and an allround blade will give you good control.

I'd recommend Butterfly Sriver S 1.5 mm rubber on both sides of your blade.

Sriver is one of the most popular rubbers of all-time and is used by a high percentage of top players. The 1.5mm variety will give you great control.

Any allround blade, such as the Butterfly "Timo Boll All" blade, would be a good choice.

I would also add that far too many players are concerned with what rubbers they should use, when they should be more concerned with regular practising.

Most players will improve so much more by regularly practising (and receiving coaching if possible), than they ever will from changing their equipment.

Choose a blade and rubbers and stick with them. Then just keep practising.

See this page on my web site for more information on table tennis rubbers ...



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