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Part two - What criteria do ITTF approved 40mm balls have to meet

 By Martin Hughes
 Owner and Editor

Part One - Introduction & types of balls  |  Part Two - Approved 40mm TT balls


Table tennis balls

In part one we looked at the different types of table tennis balls and what the Laws (rules) of Table Tennis say about them.

We also looked at the two most recent major changes made to the ball, which affected the size of the ball and the material used to make them.

So let's now take a look at the standards which need to be met and the tests which are carried out on table tennis balls in order to meet the criteria set by the ITTF and then we'll view a list of the balls which appear on the current ITTF approved list of balls.

OK, let's get started...


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The ball must be white or orange, and matt, and must appear to be uniform and only have one seam.

Balls of the same brand must be identical in appearance, except that the same name may be used for white and orange balls.

The stamp on the ball must cover an area no greater than 280mm2 and be printed in one or two colours, but the same stamp must be used for all balls of the same ball brand, product and colour.

In addition, the country of origin must appear on all balls.

All inscriptions must be easily readable and the trademark or brand name should be the most pronounced inscription, whilst the ITTF logo should stand alone.

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Each ball must meet the minimum and maximum value that is still acceptable ("conformity") as well as the maximum acceptable standard deviation ("regularity").

These include the weight, size, lack of sphericity, bounce, veer, hardness and colour.

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The balls must be packaged appropriately, for example, in paper or plastic boxes or in a blister pack, and the wording used on the package must contain "40+".

The packaging of the balls must contain the same information as is on the stamp together with the ITTF logo.

Each ball pack unit, but not the ball itself, must also be marked with a date code corresponding to the date of production.


Let's now take a quick look at the testing procedures.


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The official rules state that the ball shall weigh 2.7g, but any weight between 2.67 and 2.77g is acceptable for any one ball. No more than 1 ball out of the 24 sampled may be outside this range. The sample mean must be between 2.69 and 2.76g.

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The official rules state that the ball shall have a diameter of 40mm.

This is measured using a calibrated electronic device with a precision of at least 0.001mm and the results are rounded to the nearest 0.01mm.

The minimum diameter of every ball must be at least 40.00mm and its maximum diameter must not exceed 40.55mm.

The sample mean average diameter, i.e. the mean of the average of the maximum and minimum diameters for each ball, must be in the range 40.00-40.40mm.

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The official rules state that the ball shall be spherical.

The sphericity of a ball - or more correctly the lack of sphericity - is the absolute difference between its minimum and maximum diameters.

By rotating the ball about its axes, the minimum and maximum diameters are determined. The difference between the two values gives the lack of sphericity.

The sphericity of any ball must be less than 0.24mm, and the sample mean sphericity must be less than 0.17mm.

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All balls must rebound to a height of not less than 240mm or more than 265mm when dropped from a height of 305mm on to a standard steel block.

All 24 balls must meet this test.

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Veer is a measure of the total sphericity of the ball.

It's measured by rolling the ball down a slight incline onto a horizontal surface, and measuring the distance by which it deviates from a straight line as it rolls across the surface.

The incline is 100mm long at 14 degrees to the horizontal, and on a table that is 100cm long this gives a rolling time of about 3 seconds.

No more than two balls can deviate by more than 175mm from the center-line and each ball is measured at least three times.

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Hardness is measured with a fully automated and computerised tester.

A 20mm diameter pin presses against a pole of the ball and the indentation is recorded to a precision of 0.01mm.

Measurements are made on each pole and the average for the poles provides a measure of the hardness.

Balls with a seam require a tolerance at poles between 0.68mm and 0.81mm.

Balls without a seam require a tolerance at poles between 0.70mm and 0.90mm.

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The colour of the ball must meet the colour specifations which have been set for either white or orange, measured and calculated according to the CIE Lab system.

The measurements are performed on 3 points, one on the seam and two on other positions on the surface, of 4 balls randomly chosen from different boxes. If no seam is available three random points of measurement have to be taken.

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Here's a video from 2017 showing how DHS make and test their plastic balls in China...

Here's a video from 2017 showing how DHS make and test their plastic balls in China...

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ITTF approved 40mm table tennis balls

No Brand Product Type Color
1 729 40+*** Seamless White
2 729 P.S. 40+*** With Seam White
3 729 S40+ *** Seamless White
4 729 S40+ *** Seamless White
5 Abros 40+*** With Seam White
6 Andro 3S*** With Seam White
7 Andro ZeroT*** 40+ With Seam White
8 Arkhill 40+*** With Seam White
9 Aurora D40+*** With Seam White
10 Butterfly 40+*** With Seam White
11 Butterfly G40+*** With Seam White
12 Butterfly A40+*** With Seam White
13 Butterfly S40+*** With Seam White
14 Butterfly R40+*** With Seam White
15 Carlton GT1 40+*** With Seam White
16 Cornilleau P-Ball ABS Evolution *** With Seam White
17 Counterstrike Table Tennis 40+*** With Seam White
18 Decathlon Pongori C40+*** With Seam White
19 Donic P40+*** With Seam White
20 Double Fish PAR40+*** With Seam White
21 Double Fish V40+*** With Seam White
22 Double Fish V40+*** With Seam Orange
23 Double Happiness / DHS DJ40+*** With Seam White
24 Double Happiness / DHS D40+*** With Seam Orange
25 Double Happiness / DHS D40+*** With Seam White
26 Dunlop Fort Tournament 40+*** With Seam White
27 G. Yap D40+*** With Seam White
28 Gambler P40+*** With Seam White
29 Gewo Ultra SLP 40+*** Seamless White
30 Gewo Select Pro 40+*** With Seam White
31 Giant Dragon A40+*** With Seam White
32 Guoqiu 40+*** Seamless White
33 Hanno *** Seamless White
34 Hirunit 40+*** With Seam White
35 Hurricane 40+*** With Seam White
36 Imaxi S40+*** With Seam White
37 Joola Flash 40+*** Seamless White
38 Joola Prime 40+*** With Seam White
39 Kamito K40+*** With Seam White
40 KBS 40+*** With Seam White
41 Kingnik Premium 40+*** With Seam White
42 Kinson K40+*** With Seam White
43 Lion L40+*** With Seam White
44 MIBE XtrA 40+*** Seamless White
45 Naraq Premium ABS 40+ With Seam White
46 Nexy Force 40+*** With Seam White
47 Nittaku Premium 40+*** With Seam White
48 Nittaku Nexcel 40+*** With Seam Orange
49 Nittaku Premium Clean 40+*** With Seam White
50 Nittaku NSD40+ With Seam White
51 Nittaku NSD40+ With Seam Orange
52 Otaku 40+*** With Seam White
53 Ownwin
Expires 4 June 2024
40+*** Seamless White
54 Ownwin 40+*** Seamless White
55 Palio S40+*** With Seam White
56 Pingpangwang S40+*** Seamless White
57 Radak Ball R40+*** With Seam White
58 Raise ABS TEC 40+*** With Seam White
59 Red & Black
Expires 1 Sept 2024
40+*** With Seam White
60 Sanwei ABS 40+ Pro*** With Seam White
61 Sanwei ABS HD 40+*** With Seam White
62 Sanwei 40+*** Seamless White
63 Schildkrot Champion 40+*** With Seam White
64 Stag Supreme 40+*** With Seam White
65 Stag World 40+*** With Seam White
66 Stiga Perform 40+*** With Seam White
67 Sunflex SX40+*** With Seam White
68 Tagro 40+*** With Seam White
69 The World Connect 40+*** With Seam White
70 Tibhar 40+ SL*** Seamless White
71 Tibhar 40+ SYNTT NG*** With Seam White
72 Tibhar 40+ SYNTT NG*** With Seam Orange
73 Tuttle T40+*** With Seam White
74 Unrex Sun 40+ With Seam White
75 Victas VP40+*** With Seam White
76 Winion W40+*** With Seam White
77 Xiom 40+*** Seamless White
78 Xiom Bravo 40+*** With Seam White
79 Xiom Sensa 40+*** With Seam White
80 Xiom OZA 40+*** With Seam White
81 Xiom V40+*** With Seam White
82 Yasaka AB40+*** With Seam White
83 Yinhe H40+*** With Seam White
84 Yinhe 40+*** Seamless White
85 Yinhe S40+*** Seamless White
86 Yinhe Y40+*** With Seam White

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Part One - Introduction & types of balls  |  Part Two - Approved 40mm TT balls


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