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European Table Tennis Championships 2010

Men's Team Event Results

The European Table Tennis Championships 2010 were held in
Ostrava, Czech Republic from 11-19 September 2010...

European Championships 2010

The European Table Tennis Championships first took place in 1958 in Hungary.

You can read all about them here.

Initially it was a biennial event, taking place in even numbered years, but now it's held every year during September or October.

In 2010 it was the turn of the Czech Republic to host this prestigious event from 11-19 September.

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Events included

The European Championships events were...

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Format of events

For the team events a division format was used.

16 teams made up the Championships Division whilst 16 teams were in the Challenge Division and the remaining teams made up a Standard Division.

Only teams in the Championships Division could win the title of European Champions.

In the Championships Division, the teams were seeded into four groups. Each team competed against the other three teams in their group and matches were the best of five sets.

The winner and runner-up of each group then advanced to the quarter finals whereupon the competition was a straight knock-out, best of five sets.

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An Association could only enter one team in each team event and they could enter up to 5 players in a men's team and up to 5 players in a women's team.

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Seeding was on the basis of the final positions in the previous European Championships.

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Team event - Match Procedure

Teams consisted of 3 players.

Each match consisted of up to 5 singles and was played on 1 table.

The order of play was A v X, B v Y, C v Z, A v Y, B v X, and the matches end when a team has won 3 individual matches, each the best of 5 games.

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The European Championships

The 2010 European Table Tennis Championships men's groups for the Championships Division were...

  • Group A - Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland
  • Group B - Russia, Sweden, Denmark, England
  • Group C - Austria, Croatia, Portugal, Serbia
  • Group D - France, Belarus, Romania, Spain

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List of Competitors 2010

No Family name Given name Association
216 BOLL Timo Germany
217 OVTCHAROV Dimitrij Germany
218 Süß Christian Germany
219 FRANZISKA Patrick Germany
220 BAUM Patrick Germany
169 KORBEL Petr Czech Republic
170 PROKOPCOV Dmitrij Czech Republic
171 SIMONCIK Josef Czech Republic
173 VRABLIK Jiri Czech Republic
174 TREGLER Tomas Czech Republic
224 KREANGA Kalinikos Greece
225 GIONIS Panagiotis Greece
226 PAPAGEORGIOU Konstantinos Greece
227 PAPADIMITRIOU Dimitrios Greece
314 BLASZCZYK Lucjan Poland
315 WANG Zeng Yi Poland
316 KOSOWSKI Jakub Poland
317 GORAK Daniel Poland
318 SUCH Bartosz Poland
344 SMIRNOV Alexey Russia
345 KUZMIN Fedor Russia
347 RUBTSOV Igor Russia
349 SKACHKOV Kirill Russia
350 VLASOV Grigory Russia
397 LUNDQVIST Jens Sweden
398 GERELL Pär Sweden
399 SVENSSON Robert Sweden
400 KARLSSON Mattias Sweden
401 KARLSSON Kristian Sweden
183 BENTSEN Allan Denmark
184 STERNBERG Kasper Denmark
185 GROTH Jonathan Denmark
186 KONGSGAARD Christian Denmark
191 DRINKHALL Paul England
192 KNIGHT Darius England
193 REED Daniel England
194 PITCHFORD Liam England
105 SCHLAGER Werner Austria
106 CHEN Weixing Austria
107 GARDOS Robert Austria
108 HABESOHN Daniel Austria
109 FEGERL Stefan Austria
154 PRIMORAC Zoran Croatia
155 JUZBASIC Ivan Croatia
156 GACINA Andrej Croatia
157 KOLAREK Tomislav Croatia
158 KOVAC Borna Croatia
323 APOLONIA Tiago Portugal
324 MONTEIRO Joao Portugal
325 FREITAS Marcos Portugal
326 MENDES Enio Portugal
361 KARAKASEVIC Aleksandar Serbia
362 PETE Zolt Serbia
363 JEVTOVIC Marko Serbia
364 SUBOTIC Dragan Serbia
206 LEGOUT Christophe France
207 MATTENET Adrien France
208 LEBESSON Emmanuel France
209 SALIFOU Abdel-Kader France
210 GAUZY Simon France
125 SAMSONOV Vladimir Belarus
126 CHTCHETININE Evgueni Belarus
127 PLATONOV Pavel Belarus
128 NEKHVEDOVICH Vitaly Belarus
129 KUCHUK Aleksandr Belarus
332 CRISAN Adrian Romania
333 SZOCS Hunor Romania
334 CIOTI Constantin Romania
335 IONESCU Ovidiu Romania
336 DODEAN Adrian Romania
388 MACHADO Carlos Spain
389 HE ZHI Wen Spain
390 DIEZ Endika Spain
391 CANTERO Jesus Spain
392 DURAN Marc Spain

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2009 winners

The last European Table Tennis Championships were held in Stuttgart, Germany in 2009 and the men's team winners were Germany, and runners-up were Denmark.

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2010 Men's Team Event Results

Championships Division

Group A - Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland

  1. Germany 3-1 Poland
  2. Czech Republic 3-0 Greece
  3. Germany 3-1 Czech Republic
  4. Greece 3-0 Poland
  5. Germany 3-0 Greece
  6. Poland 3-1 Czech Republic
  • Group A Winners = Germany
  • Group A Runners-up = Czech Republic


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Group B - Russia, Sweden, Denmark, England

  1. Russia 3-0 Denmark
  2. Sweden 3-1 England
  3. Denmark 3-2 Sweden
  4. Russia 3-0 England
  5. Denmark 3-1 England
  6. Sweden 3-1 Russia
  • Group B Winners = Russia
  • Group B Runners-up = Sweden


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Group C - Austria, Croatia, Portugal, Serbia

  1. Austria 3-1 Serbia
  2. Croatia 3-2 Portugal
  3. Austria 3-0 Croatia
  4. Portugal 3-1 Serbia
  5. Austria 3-0 Portugal
  6. Croatia 3-2 Serbia
  • Group C Winners = Austria
  • Group C Runners-up = Croatia


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Group D - France, Belarus, Romania, Spain

  1. Romania 3-1 Spain
  2. France 3-2 Belarus
  3. Belarus 3-2 Romania
  4. France 3-2 Spain
  5. France 3-2 Romania
  6. Belarus 3-2 Spain
  • Group D Winners = France
  • Group D Runners-up = Belarus


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Quarter Finals

13 September 2010

Germany 3-0 Sweden

France 3-1 Croatia

Belarus 3-2 Austria

Czech Republic 3-2 Russia


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Semi Finals

14 September 2010

Germany 3-1 France

Belarus 3-1 Czech Republic


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15 September 2010

Germany 3-0 Belarus

2010 European Championships

Men's Team Event





2010 European Championships winners - Germany


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